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What is LA Optimized?

The City of Los Angeles, Braven Agency, and SMRTS are providing eligible LA businesses the opportunity to improve their online presences to increase sales.  Optimize your online presence on your website and social media to increase sales. Best part, it’s free!

LA Optimized: The FREE Services

Online Business Listings

We will set up or optimized your Google, Facebook, and Yelp business listings for sales

ECommerce Checkup

Let’s review your business so that it’s optimized for online sales. We’ll review your online marketing, analytics, Pos for best practices.

Website Creation or Optimization

No website. No Problem. We’ll create a free website streamlined for online sales. We’ll even create the logo and creatives. Have a website? We’ll optimize it for sales.

Get Optimized for Sales

How LA Optimized Works

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Provides us with your business information and contact info.

Let's Go

You will be set up with 1:1 with a customer success team member jumpstart your online sales


You must be a business residing in Los Angeles County to be eligible. You also have to be incorporated and have a business license in the City of LA.

There is no cost to eligible business owners to be part of the program.

There are no costs associated with business listing set up and Ecommerce Checkup. Regarding website creation, the program will cover creation of the website, logo design, and certain creative assets. It is the responsibility of the business to cover cost associated with the following: Domain Name, Hosting Sites, Website Theme, and Website Migration (if hosting site is to be changed).

Submit your information and complete the intake form. This is a first come first service program. You will be notified once the application is completed