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How Smrts helps

For cities, states, and other small business-centric organizations our CRM tool helps your small business community not just survive but thrive.

We built built Smrts to help organizations connect with small businesses at scale so they can deliver their solutions to small business owners.

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How we impact small business communities across the country.

Key Metrics

Track key important small business metrics to see the impact of your program.

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Connect With Industry Experts

Connect with tech partners, digital marketing agencies, and small business experts.

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Work with our team to find the right partners to secure funding and solutions for your program.

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Create expert programming for businesses to learn from the industry leaders.

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Simplify your Small Business Programs by:

  • Keeping track of businesses applying
  • Using automation to guide each business through the process
  • Keeping all of the data in one place
  • Using customized statuses to keep each part of your program organized
  • Knowing where each business is in the process with detailed reporting
  • Showing the success of your program with integrated metrics that matter
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Lets impact small businesses together. We are always looking for partners to join us on our mission.

We want to connect with tech companies, digital marketing agencies, and others who want to reach small businesses at scale.

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